BeepBoopBop is a mom and pop website design company, founded by Genevieve and Alan Levicki in 2010, that specializes in clean and simple designs with user friendly functionality.

Genevieve Levicki attended California State University, Northridge for art and graphic design. She has been designing, drawing and painting for over 10 years. Aside from designing websites, she is currently expressing her artistic passions in culinary form at Le Cordon Bleu, focusing on patisserie and baking. You can visit her bakery's website at

Alan Levicki received his Bachelor's Degree in computer science from Wake Forest University and continued his education with a Master's degree from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. After completing college he went to work for the Walt Disney Internet Group as a software engineer. He worked on such websites as and Pirates of the Caribbean Online. He currently works at Warner Bros. as a senior software engineer.

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After so many years of designing other peoples' websites, we've finally launched our own. We are proud to present to you Simple, clean, to the point. And now, we can't wait to hear from you about your website needs.

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click here to visit site was the wedding website for Alan and Genevieve Levicki, founders of BeepBoopBop.

sorry, the site is no longer live

Social Bootleggings is a personal site for Justin Riner to document the many bands he belongs to.

click here to visit site is the band site for Calamity Magnet, a band that Genevieve Levicki was a former member of

click here to visit site